Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gold’s Gym

So since I’ve been home, I decided to start working out right after I get off work.  When I first decided to move home I wasn’t sure where I wanted to work out.  I was debating between Lifetime, South Jordan Rec. Center, and Gold’s Gym.  So the first place I decided to investigate was Gold’s Gym.  Somehow they managed to get me to sign a 2-year contract before I was out the door.  Ugh.  I walked out of there feeling sick to my stomach.  What had I gotten myself into?  TWO YEAR COMMITMENT???  I wanted to barf right there.  So after I passed the want-to-barf regret phase, I decided to chill out and make the most of this contract and start going to the gym everyday.  So far I have been pretty happy with this place.  There is a SAWEEET cardio cinema area  where I can work out while watching Transformers or Anchorman (for some reason it seems like those are the only movies they have there).  They also have basketball so I can still keep my game up every once in a while (I can barely make it up and down the court these days). 

So far it has been great.  There’s one thing I’ve noticed there that is kind of weird and creepy:  ALL THE GUYS THERE LOOK THE SAME.  I saw this picture and it made me laugh…

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  1. pictures, such as this one, is priceless, and is worth more than a 1,000 words.

    side note: barfing helps people lose weight.