Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pet Peeves

My good friend Gabriel is giving me crap for not updating my blog, so “Gabriel” this one is for you.

Tonight I am working the night shift, and I have a little more downtime than usual.  Working at a hotel, I deal with people a lot.  All sorts of people.  I have been working here since May, and let me tell you I deal with a lot more than I get paid for.  So working with some crazy people tonight made me decide I wanted to write a post about my pet peeves.  So here they are.

1. WHINERS. No matter how bright the sun is shining, how wonderful the day is going, how fun the ride is, how nice the hotel is, how good the food is, how funny the joke is….you get the point….they seem to find SOMETHING wrong with EVERYTHING.  I honestly believe that will spend a great deal of time laying in bed at night planning out what they will complain about tomorrow.


2.Brown belt, black shoes…and vice versa.

Seriously…  I don’t get it.  Why in the world can guys not understand how important this is to girls, especially me.  It’s such a minor thing and would seriously make a world of difference if they could get it right.  I don’t know why but this truly bothers me.  This is the number one fashion flaw that I canNOT handle. 

This guy is a prime example of the fashion-no no guys so commonly make…badbelt










2. Hairballs. Enough said.

3. Cell phone cleavage. Are you serious?  This has got to be the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. (Yes it even takes the cake on gold chain necklaces, tramp stamps, platform flip-flops, and moochers….)  I have never seen a girl that can pull off the cell phone cleavage look.  I am not sure who made up the idea that the area between a woman’s breasts could be used as some sort of “pocket” but they should be put in jail.  Or fined a ton of money. Or egged. The unfortunate reality is that this is a growing trend.  It started out with money, now it’s cell phones.  Before long I’m afraid it will soon be cats. Yes, this lady carries her kitten in her boobs.  Classy.

Girl Cleavage Kitten 300x262 Womens bras   the latest trend in cell phone carriers.


4. Chalk and chalkboards.I hate everything about chalk and chalkboards.  Ever since I can remember, chalk has made me sneeze.  Unbeknownst to them, the best way a teacher could punish me was to ask me to “clap the erasers”.  This was the most awful thing imaginable to me at the time.  I’d walk outside of the classroom, turn my head away, close my eyes, and clap the big long erasers together.  It was AWFUL.  I am a big allergy person and just about everything sets me off sneezing.  Especially chalk dust.  No matter how far I turned my head or how far away I stretched my arms with those erasers, that chalk dust would swallow me.  I’d walk into the classroom humiliated; coughing and sneezing the rest of the day.

It wasn’t just the dust that was awful.  Everyone had that one teacher who would erase the chalk board way too fast.  No matter what, she’d always leave some of the board chalked up.  She’s hurriedly write something, then half-ass erase it, and for the rest of the lesson you couldn’t focus on what she was saying.  All you could do was stare at the poor line that she missed, wishing you could erase the board and make it perfectly clean.  Don’t even get me started on the awful screeching noise a bad piece of chalk or a fingernail would make.  Even the cool maps that rolled up above the chalkboards were awful.  It would either never stay down, or never go up.  I hated those maps. EVERYTHING about chalk and chalkboards is awful, I’m thrilled they have upgraded mostly to whiteboards. 

Next one…

5. The roommate who will never take the garbage out. Yup, I’m sure you’re reading this thinking of someone you know that has done this, someone you’ve heard complain about someone doing this, or you’ve done it yourself.  I’m talking about that person that will spend more time trying to perfectly place the napkin on top of the pile (that is now barely balancing a foot higher than the top of the garbage can) so it doesn’t all go tumbling to the ground, than they will taking the actual garbage out!  This is something that has always bugged me and always will.


6. Loud chewing.

7. OCD Facebook status updaters. Don’t get me wrong.  I like to update my status every so-often and tell about the interesting happenings of my life, who doesn’t?  No.  I’m talking about those people who go overboard.

I kid you not, I know a girl who got married Saturday.  She has the “facebook for iPhone application”, and these were the updates she posted ON HER WEDDING DAY.

1.  Getting married today…

2. Today is the day!  Reception tonight!

3. Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married….

4.  I’m MARRRRRIEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDD.  [like 2 hours after the previous post…umm….are you serious? Was the first thing you did after exiting the temple get out your phone and update your status? Hmm…that’s not weird]

5.  Great reception tonight!  Thanks everyone for coming!

A little much if you ask me…

8.Girls that wear high heels and complain that their feet hurt…OR…IN THE FOLLLOWING PLACES/situations: airports, to school, to any sporting event…especially football. With shorts, floods, sweats, or white pants. At a park or any large grassy area.

9.  Pants that are too tight.  (On guys OR girls)

So there you have it.  That is the run-down of my pet peeves.  Sorry if you are one of these people or do some of these things.  :)


  1. Steph, you actually made me chuckle. I would've giggled, but that would've made me a woman. This is genuinely funny.

  2. Steph, hey it's me, Shelley. Remember me? Me and your sis Haley are BFFs. I don't live in UT anymore so you might not remember me. But I found your blog and LOVE IT! I love the post the best and I agree with you on every single one...except maybe the chalkboard, I don't really mind them. Anyways, Seems like you're doing great and I'll be blog-stalking you from now on:)